Wimonrart<br />Issarathumnoon


Full-time lecturer in Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand. She also works as a committee of ICOMOS Thailand and does architectural practices in Sappaya Studio Co.,Ltd.
Wimonrart gained her Ph.D. degree from Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo in 2009 with the support from the Royal Thai Government Scholarship.
Her research focuses on architectural and urban conservation. Current publications include “Assessment of Community Involvement in Heritage Planning, A Case of Bangkok Heritage Core” (2008, in Proceeding of the 7th Annual Conference of Asian City Planning), “Cultural Heritage Place: Yanaka, Tokyo and Banglamphu, Bangkok” (2008, in Another Tokyo, University of Tokyo and ichii Shobou, Radovic (Edit)), and “The Signs of the Re-birth of Japanese Upland Village Cultural Landscape” (2010, in Najua: Architectural Design and Built Environment, Journal of the Faculty of Architecture Silpakorn University Vol.25 Sep.2010-Aug.2011).