Hironori<br />Matsubara


Hironori Matsubara
Beijing Matsubara and Architects (BMA) / Associate professor at Keio University SFC

1995 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1996 Visiting researcher at Moscow Architecture Institute, Russia
1997 Completed the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

(Work experiences)
1997-2001 Worked at Toyo Ito and Associates, Architects
2001-02 Worked at Shenyang Urban Design and Research Institute, Liaoning / Atelier FCJZ,
  Beijing, China
2002-05 adjunct lecturer at Peking University with the honor of Japanese Government
   Oversea Study Program for Artists
2005- Established Beijing Matsubara and Architects (BMA)
Associate professor at Keio University SFC
2006- adjunct lecturer at Tohoku University

2003 Liuliqiao Office (Beijing, China)
2003 Zhongguancun Book Building (Beijing, China)
2004 Courtyard by the Canal (Beijing, China)
2005 Manzo Bar (Beijing, China)
2006 Tianjin International Club (Tianjin, China)
2006 Bamboo House (Zhuozhou, China)
2007 GBD Project (Beijing, China)
2007 Beijing Publications Distribution Center (Beijing, China)
2007 Sanlitun VILLAGE North Area EAST (Beijing, China)
2008 Royal Tea Barn (Beijing, China)
2008 Hualin Primary School (Chengdu, China)
2009 Y House (Beijing, China))
2009 RD Congo ACADEX Primary School (RD Congo)
2009 Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture (China Museum)
2010 Ordos 20+10 (Ordos, China)
2010 RD Congo ACADEX Primary School 2nd Block (RD Congo)

2005 ID+C Design Prize, Honorable Mention
2008 JAPAN PROJECT International Prize / Honorable Mention
2008 China Media Architecture Award / Finalist
2009 SD Review 2009/SD Award (RD Congo ACADEX Primary School)
2011 JIA Golden Cube Award (RD Congo ACADEX Primary School