Darko<br />Radović


Head of the Measuring the non-Measurable project. He is a Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University, Tokyo, co-director of International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism – IKI, and a Visiting Professor at the United Nations University, Tokyo. He is also a member of the Philips Center for Health and Well-being Livable Cities Think Tank.

Darko has taught, researched and practised architecture and urbanism in Europe, Australia and Asia, and held senior academic positions at the University of Belgrade, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo and at Keio University (current).

His research focuses at the nexus between environmental and cultural sustainability and situations in which architecture and urban design overlap. His investigations of the concepts of urbanity and sustainable development focus on culturally and environmentally diverse contexts which expose difference and offer encounter with the other. Darko’s research books include Green City (2005, Routledge/UNSW Press; with Low, Gleeson, Green); Urbophilia (2007 the University of Belgrade Public Art Public Space publishers), Cross-Cultural Urban Design (2007, Routledge, with Bull, Boontharm, Parin, Tapie), Another Tokyo (2008, University of Tokyo and ichii Shobou) and eco-urbanity (2009, Routledge).